Friday, November 4, 2011

My Degree :D

What to do when I’m finally done?

In a 4 year degree that was never fun

Living it was like being pointed by a gun

As if I was never gonna see tomorrow’s sun

Never ever am I going back or continue

In this god forsaken expertise or field

For if I do, I’ll probably end up killed

Or the worst, where my life gets sealed

Life was never easy in the beginning

But wait till you see THAT shit whose been waiting

The loads of notes and pressure leave you crying

While the job advancement means actually nothing

Yes they say eating is a heaven, its bliss

But they never know that food production ain’t a sweet kiss

For the working environment is nothing better than piss

As it evaporates your dream clouds into dissipating mists

*I’m so looking forward to my graduation, and then I can kiss degree buh-bye and hasta la vista~!

* I know it sounds very degrading. I don't actually hate it that much. Apart from the stress that's making me abit... wacky? XP

* Writing a poem does not require a hit or inspiration. It's in my blood I realise. Thanks to that god damn years I've spent reading which make thinking of vocabulary that rhymes, not that hard :D


Anonymous said...

well thought out im very impressed keep it up!!!, youre really clever always keep positive have a great life!

jpthedarkknight said...

well thank you random blogwalker!

Thanks for stumbling upon my old posts, the days where I am actively indulged in poetry.

Perhaps it's time to get the bug biting again.

Do post your name/website so that we can communicate more :)