Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Time - What It Taught Me

Watched In Time. And erm. Hmm. It kinda changed me, a little should I say?

I’ll cut the synopsis. It’s better for you to not know anything about a movie before watching it. Movies that don’t really featured in trailers if you’re an ardent cinema go-er. This is the type of movie where you go in blank, and come back out knowing the story. Something like Inception, where you don’t know a bloody single thing but when you come out, it’s like wham, cool story.

How does it change me? Hmm.. Well it kinda jolts me to life, where it made me realized that time can be so important. That when people do know that they have a timer ticking day by day as they pass their lives, they would be trying to do anything, whether by hook or by crook, just to prolong their lives.

Yes. That sci-fi world is kinda like our world. Only thing is the value each world place upon is different. There without time, you die. But in the real world, without money, you can still live on. That’s the difference.

The whole idea of the film is to place time as the ultimate subject, of ultimate value, and a tangible asset which has taken over what we have in this world, known as money, wealth. People work to credit time in their lives, pay for meals using their time. It’s all about time.

Funny how we people here sometimes tend to take things simple and easy. And slow. It’s always like, there is still plenty of time, why rush and so on.

But the difference is that, should time is made tangible, that would be a whole new story, where time travel is then made possible, since time in our world is not a measure of wealth, rather a measurement of longevity, and sometimes a requirement to do what we want.

But hey, to be honest, at least people in that world value time more than we do. Every seconds count. They are afraid of death, because they know it’s coming when their timer starts to whittle down to the dying seconds. What about people in our real world?

They drive like daredevils. They smoke. They overdrink. These are the kind of things that will take away a bit of your life when you do it. Maybe they don’t know it. Or maybe they just don’t know when their time will come…

I’m neither drinker nor smoker. But what this movie did taught me, was to treasure each and every single second of my life. Cause compare to them, I’ll never know when my life will end. And if it’s tomorrow, I don’t wanna regret for not doing what I want or achieved anything great before I leave this world. Or maybe cursed the time I wasted when I could have done something good.

Time… Future… Something to look forward to, or something to hide from?

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