Wednesday, August 25, 2010


An art of deception,
Or art of transformation?
Depends on the situation,
As both are options.

Some are funny,
Some are scary,
Some are of animals,
Some look like cannibals.

It's never easy looking through a mask,
As every mask has it's own reason and task;
Sometimes to hide, sometimes to run,
Sometimes to trick, sometimes for fun.

A sad clown may look happy with a smiley face
But who knows the sorrow that he taste?
To look through a mask to see the real face
Is like finding an exit through a complicated maze.

Some people aren't emotional; they hide their feelings,
Some are fakers; they blend into the surroundings;
To understand someone, is never ever easy,
If you try too hard to understand, you might end up crazy.

There are many types of people, hence the many personality. And with different situations, we'll have even more complicated person arising. Each and everyone has their own mask. To know the real he or she, requires lots of trust!

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