Monday, August 9, 2010

The Lovely Bones(Novel) Review

Nice book. Nice and simple. No twist. But at least there is something, that small tiny part that makes it, special, and unexpected.

The story is about Susie Salmon. She was raped and murdered by her pedophilic neighbour( actually her neighbour likes killing! A serial rapist. And he kills after he rapes)

So after Susie was murdered, she somehow went to this special heaven (not with the fluffy clouds and a halo around her head! LOL!). A heaven which resembles just like our normal Earth but the thing is, she could see whats happening to the world she had left. The story revolves on how her family copped with the lost of her. How her father looked desperately for her killer. How her mother could not take the pain and indulged into adultery(which I despised a lot!), and her brother Buckley and sister Lindsey and also, Grandma Lynn. Oh ya, and her dog Holiday who met her in heaven after it passed away in the real world.

I read through the book and somehow felt so excited when her family came so close to unearthing a clue but did not- it makes you anxious about what will happen the next page and so on. But the beginning part was a little boring. I took about 2 weeks to finish the book(although i did not read it everyday but after half passing half of the book, literally I got hooked up and read everyday =) )

So there was this little special moment that she was given a chance to do something she could not and did not do when she was alive ( Secret =D and spoiler free ). And that, was rounded up by a beautiful ending that I did not even expected( She did not wake up from the dead like Jesus LOL!). But still, a simple and nice ending, that a complicated mind did not expect.

In a nutshell, all's well, ends well...

5 stars, for being able to narrate the story in a 1st person point of view( Dead person, but still a person XD on the living world after she died in such a tragic way). And made the whole story, simple, neat and nice and beautiful after a horrific start. Bravo!

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