Monday, August 9, 2010

My God

I aren’t a follower of Buddhist, Islam or Christianity

Nor am I a member of a cult, brotherhood or Illuminati

But the faith in God I have aplenty

As I always feel His presence everywhere with me.

I don’t read scriptures or chant prayers

Nor am I a Sunday Church go-er

But when I feel lost, tired or in danger

He’s there with me to make me stronger.

He does not forbid me to enter the church

Hindu and Taoist temples I enter without a lurch

Cos if one can learn all good from all religion

Then it no doubt makes us a better person.

He requires no sing of praises from me

Or burning joss sticks and paper for Thee

He wants me to trust that inner part of me

As that is his greatest strength for me.

There are times when I face obstacles

Or come upon a task I deemed impossible

Nevertheless, I’ll brave my heart, readying for a tackle

With that great faith in myself, I’ll held them on steel shackles.

*There are many times in life that I have been searching for answers and reasons to satisfy my claim for what God is and what He does. I come to realize that none religion existed is able to make me believe that He is the one God and satisfy my claims. I fashioned myself to believe that there is a God; He lives not in Heaven. He is the good part, that good side of me, which will affect everything I do and say in my whole life. That to me, is the best reason that I could accept, which I have thought of. In a nutshell, don't all Gods want their believers to strive to the good path?

By the way, if you are the one like me, then there is this term called Deism. That would be our religion.


* Note that this is my very own perspective on religion. In fact I do go to churches and temples and I do accept their teachings of righteous. Somehow if this post insulted your religion, then sorry and a thousand regrets.

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