Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Bachelor's Dream.

If I were to remain single for the rest of my life, I would like to have a life as below:

An acceptable size house. Not too big, not too little. Has everything I need. Most importantly an indoor football pitch(just half of it). So I can play football anytime. Even God can't stop me from playing football. =)

Place to live, Taiping, my hometown!

A well flexible job. Pays me well to feed me well.

One car just will do. 2 would be great. Hybrid fuel saving cars. Toyota Prius =)

No need for assets or bulging accounts. Enough for me to pull myself out a disaster.

And of course, the time of the whole world to visit all the places in the world before I die.

Is that too much? It maybe, but compared to others, I'm asking for the least =)

Please, let this wish come true... *Prays hard


edeN said...


jpthedarkknight said...


gackyz said...

why are u saying so!

jpthedarkknight said...

gackyz: hehe secret =). You wanna ruin up my bachelor's plan? XD

joonyi said...

make more rooms to invite your bachelor friends... XD
.. the more the merrier rite? (sounded like i'm cursing your friends though it was never the intention..>_<)

jpthedarkknight said...

haha ah chai! does that involved you too =D if so then welcome aboard! XD

Tze Siang said...

But this will never be a reality...Because the GOD dunwan you to be a bachelor!

jpthedarkknight said...

@tze siang: haha... then let's hope He find someone for me XD