Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Change

Now approximately one year ago( or so I think), Facebook undergone one of the biggest aesthetic overhaul.

And of course, basically everyone was PISSED~! You see statuses updates condemning the change, this that bla bla bla. And there are even groups like"We'll bring back the old Facebook if we reach 1,000,000".

Let's put it in a way. You hate the change. You complain. But every day, you log in to your facebook, even though you know there is basically nothing to do! It's like checking the fridge every now and then, and sometimes find a carton of orange juice or a candy bar( That will be the notifications and comments in facebook! XD).

Now, I dare you all who have "hated" the new design to dig deep down to your hearts. If Facebook were to change the current layout which so many of you hate back to the old one, would that be a "YES"?

I can ask everyone of you proudly, because I'm not one of those who have complained.

Not to make myself superior or look proud, but what I want to say is:

Changes are happening every now and then. To us, to the society, country, nature. So if some changes that happened aren't favourable, you can fret. But don't overdo it. It is best not to fret at all, but to start accepting the change, to accommodate it, as the faster you do, the faster you get over it. That Facebook was just one example. =)



gackyz said...

Is there any changes from facebook?
I din realize any :S

jpthedarkknight said...

then you aren't very observant and choosy like most gals are XD

gackyz said...

I really din realize anything XD