Sunday, July 11, 2010

An End

Everything has an end. It's end. No matter how long, or how strong, it also has it's end...

Here I am, counting down the hours, then minutes, then seconds to my holidays. Desperately clinging on to that every scond that slips out of my fingers. Futile. As if catching water with bare hands.

Then counting down to the Finale at Johannesburg, Soccer city, where the final curtain of the world's most elusive sporting event finally falls.

Soccer City, Johannesburg interior

The of course, counting the final moments, when the day I stayed away from my lecturers and lectures and homework, before they end...

An end however, is a new beginning, which it's end, is another, new beginning.


gackyz said...

woots new layout :D
and hey who do u support last night? hehe!

justkidding1 said...


jpthedarkknight said...

Netherlands. i just wanna be the odd one out. My favourite team crashed out ages ago... XD