Monday, July 5, 2010

World Cup Curses

It's down to four team to continue their quests in searching football's ultimate holy grail. It's is of course, the ultimate time to predict who will end victorious in Africa this time. Each and every team has their pro's and con's. Sometimes even the best cannot prevail, due to the famous curses that has ever made the World Cup an elusive and remarkable achievements and a dogma to those who can't hold it.


No European team has ever lifted the trophy outside of Europe. This means that every European team that has won the World Cup in the past has only done so on European soil. Not in Asia, America. Nada. So Uruguay to win the trophy??? XD


The big mouth of Pele, the Brazillian footballing legend is rather evil though. Each praises for a team or player that is uttered is sure to gurantee in failure. I had not listened to any quotes this guy make. The last one was in 2006, when he claimed that Robinho was the next him. Robinho and Brazil then got pawned by France.

p.s. I think that Pele prayed for an Argentina landslide victory against the German. XD

Curse 3

Everything goes in a cycle. Life. Methamorphosis. Seasons. So does football... The picture says it all...

Each two wins add up to a same number, that is 3964. So who else dare to deny that Germany does not deserve to be champions. Beside, they played very well in this World Cup... =D

Other miscellaneous curses for the current World Cup...

Do go and watch Nike Write The Future ad. You will notice that all are not in Africa now. Talking about writing the future.. Bah...

Now it's Messi's turn I guess...

Coincidence? Curses? Hard to believe eh? Now here's something to help ya solve the headache.

Meet Paul the Octopus. So far all the matches he predicted are all RIGHT!!! Oracle eh... XD

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