Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Two Towers - The Lord Of The Rings

A new power has arisen, it has

Armies of uruks one has mass

Weapons and armor with the white hand as crest

Once Isengard now Orthanc a big burning mess

An elf, a dwarf and a man

Over hills across plains they ran

To catch up with the Uruks before they reach their den

To save Merry and Pippin their hobbit friends

Then they came to the land of Rohan

The noble Theoden, Rohirrim at his command

Though shadow now covers the sun

For the king is possessed by Saruman

Eomer and his men reach the Uruks first

Slaying all in their way quenching revenge like thirst

Leaving nothing but orc carcasses

Whilst the hobbits escaped to Fangorn Forest

Followed behind after a blood spilt night

To the place where there was last night fight

To the forest, to the hobbits with all their might

Never to think to find an old friend, white in light

All was indeed in peril

As everything was following Sauron’s will

Slowly with evil the shadows creep

Thus commence the battle of Helm’s Deep

Ladders were raised to scale the Deeping walls

Ballistae were fired high and tall

Rohan’s end was about to be called

As the Deeping wall crumbled and fall

When all hope had finally gone

They’d realized they were not alone

Set atop on the hills of stone

Help came as the morning sun shone

This victory is however just the beginning

Of the battle of Middle Earth on the horizon looming

As the Ring bearer wander towards Mordor in discreet

Not knowing the evil and peril that they may meet

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I love this movie.... =)