Thursday, July 8, 2010

Types Of Friends

Like it or not, hate it or love it, friends play a very big role in our lives. The moment we stepped out of our cozy homes, it's our friends that we sometimes have to depend on, lean on. But there are, many types of friends. Not putting them into specific categories, but there are specific friends for specific functions, and purposes.

Let's start from the bottom to the top...


Friends that are known to you, that is somebody you know, just getting started to be friends. Mostly most of those who we just get to know or make friends fall into this category. We might even forget their names if we met them the second time. We don't expect favours or do favours as we are not that close. Yet.

Group or Partner or colleagues

The second I guess. Most of the time we spend our time working, studying. So it's impossible that we do not come across human presence. These category are those that you face everyday in your lives, probably having to work together for a decent period, sometimes even for the whole life you worked( one good example would be your boss =D). Usually normal, but confrontations and problems occur quite often among these categories. Sure there are good times and bad times together while working and studying, but the moment you reach home or when holidays come, you won't be bothered as they are temporary erased from you database for a time being. Not that you don't like them, but they tend to get forgotten by you easily when you are not in your normal routine. You won't be thinking about your boss while vacation-ing, right? XD

Normal friends

Probably the level where the building block of a stable relationship starts- TRUST. Friends in this level are the one you can divulge secrets, share gossips without fearing a backlash or misunderstanding. Mostly those that we know what she or he likes or hates, and of course understand their personality and behaviour.

Situational or Functional groups

A group of friends sharing a few interests, but still able to get together. For example, it's not easy find a group of soccer crazy friends to play football. But other than soccer, we seldom meet up or do things together...

Best Friend

One who you trust a lot, probably more than your parents XD. He or she knows you like you know yourself. Will be there for you most of the time when you are down to pick you up, and will be behind you whenever you are doing something. Share a lot of interest together, and never feeling bored with his or her presence.


Now this is the category where the friendship growth escalate. A gang is simply a group of very good friends. Although they may not be as good as a best friend, but believe me out of 5 stars, they surely deserve four and above. It's not easy to have a gang of people sharing the same interest, and sporting enough to do all kinds of things. A place where eve the most timid one's will feel like having a crowd around him or her...

Brothers and Sisters

These are the friends that you have gone through everything with, worthy to be a brother or sister to you. You've gone through every single thing with him, her or them. From big problems, to petty occasions like having meals and sleeping, having pillow talk, men's talk. Even though they might leave or walk different paths, you'll always have that space in your heart to think of them out of the blue, meeting them once in a while does mean a lot. Strongest bond of them all, but still not the greatest.


After pondering for a long, long time, I cannot deny that my kaki's are those who I placed the highest of them all. No prejudice, but it is by God's will that we grew up in the same town, go to the same school, and some of them have passed every year with me in the same class from primary school and secondary school. From tiny little kids till the big handsome and pretty girls now, although there are times we meet once in a year. But for those who has passed by the holidays with me, whether it is having tea breaks around Taiping town, or watching World Cup matches at Pusat Makanan Taman Tasik, singing Karaoke at Rex Box or watching movies at Taiping Central, every small and ordinary thing we do seems like a wonderful holiday to me. We don't meet everyday, but with Facebook and MSN around, I'm sure there won't be an end to the crap we have.

Kudo's to all those Kaki's that have made my holidays a normal yet enjoyable one. We wil meet again come December. This time, with Ying Zhe the painter coming back from the US.

We'll bang you up bro. Beware XD

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