Friday, July 16, 2010

Green-ish Ponder

I don't know why a part of me seem so proactive and want to know about what is happening around and to Mother Earth. The BP oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico is one case. But let's not talk about what happened. Let's talk about what is going to happen.
The sludge gushing out at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico

BP=Big Problem

When Nike came out with their new technology to make jerseys from recycled plastic bottles, my first thought was "AWESOME~!" I did not know that anything like that was possible. It would be even better though that they shared their technology to ADIDAS, together the two sport giants doing a big part towards lessening the rubbish destined to rubbish fields. But of course I understand that you can't share everything with rivals, not of course you ultimate secret.

New Man Utd jerseys from recyled plastic bottles

I was driving home from Penang to Taiping and everytime I drive back, there will always be these super cars, driving at I-don't-know-maybe-150km/hr or above speed. Sure of course it is snail speed compared to Fernando Alonso, but what about the amount of gas his or her car emits? What is the excess of gas they can avoid from being emitted if he or she had drived according to the speed limit. Will these help save and change Mother Earth?

Then of course my thoughts wandered to the rubbish we throw everyday. I thought about this brilliant idea. Scrap the current rubbish collecting routine or scehdule, where people just chuck everything into the rubbish bin and wait for the collecter to collect it. Make or enforce the recycling rule, so that current rubbish collecters become recycling collecters and every piece of garbage can be recycled, meaning no more waste produced!
3R's-Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

But then another thought striked me. If that were to be the plan, humans, will definitely throw more rubbish into the rivers and pollute the Earth even more. Picture asking them to categorize their waste and buying 3 types of dustbin...
just like this
will become
like this...


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