Monday, July 26, 2010

An Idea?

Quoted from the movie "Inception"

What is the most contagious thing of all? An idea. Once you have an idea, it manifests, spreading quickly and at the end, takes hold of you.

There is no cure though. That's what I think.

But for me, an idea is just a part of the malicious contagious part of the mind.

A mentality is also a part of our mind. What we think, what our perspectives are.

A mentality, is however curable, if we are able to accept and change a new one.

Stereotyping is also an idea, a not so good way to look at everything based on one thing.

For example, if 9 out of 10 people get food poisoning and died after eating, say a particular chocolate bar. So, it's normal when we see that particular chocolate bar, we won't even touch the wrapper!

But what if, let's say, 9 out of 10 boys from a particular house are smokers(but you do not know who are the 9). So when you meet either one of them, can you straight away accuse him as a smoker?

We can't. But in our mind, for those who hate smokes, he or she will think, oh crap, I better stay away from him when you see him coming out and catching the same bus with you. This is just a small example. There are many more serious one =). Maybe an action that changes other people's impression on someone, which of course, is baseless!!!

I kind of agree with some traits and personalities shared by those based on horoscopes. For me with the horoscope Aries, we may be hard-headed, that means to stand firm or stay with our judgments and point of views. For me, this is not a good or favorable trait. But after learning and realizing a lot of things(through thinking and staring blank), I'm happy to say that now I can see things through a range of perspectives and of course, think before I say so I won't hurt other people's feelings.

I'm still learning yet. But I ain't perfect. Yet

So yes when I get into a debate with my "Aries" s and "Leo"s (who I find are quite fun to talk with XD), I usually have the upper hand of understanding what the opposition is thinking. To make them see what I see and what other people can see, is my ultimate goal, not making them think like me and give them a wrong impression of something based on the topic of debate, or in other words, Inception.

No one is always right or always wrong. Some are not right and not wrong. Some of course are totally wrong. But for certain situations, not always!

Some things are right done at the wrong time, some are bad things done at a right time, some are good things done at the wrong time, and of course bad things done at bad time.

And ya, good things done at the right time =)

Everyone has their own perspectives, which is unquestionable, and acceptable. But to want everyone to believe and see things your perspectives every time, now that, is unacceptable...

But sad to say that our minds are now "corrupted", as it is not easy to plant the right information with so many wrong one's planted. So, Inception anyone? XD

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