Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Deishi Basara

Watched the Dark Knight Rises couple days ago. Not as mind blowing as I'd expected it to be. But still awesome.

Rather than do another movie review, I'd like to give my 2 cents worth of thoughts regarding a particular scene in the movie.

*play this before you continue reading :p

The scene that evoked me the most was the scene, where Bruce Wayne tried to climbed out of the prison pit. Knowing that Bane was about to bring utter destruction to Gotham, Bruce picked himself up from a broken state (literally and figuratively), trained hard before trying to scale up the walls of the prison.

He attempted scaling the walls a number of times. He failed and failed. Until at last, he decided to climb without a safety rope that would meant death- should he fail to successfully jump and caught hold one of the edges.

Coming back on the current society, specifically my society, I see no difference between us, between me and Bruce Wayne trying to jump with a rope. Sometimes all it needs, is a dose of fear, so that you'll know that important step you take is actually a step of life and death.

We all have been taught and brought up, thinking that to succeed in life, only academic supremacy will help us achieve that. The truth is, it's not. It is the safest mean to success, but it doesn't guarantee success. Figuratively, it means tying yourself with a rope when you're about to jump that vital step, to reach for ultimate glory. You won't die should you fail, but you would never be that legend who took that leap of faith and got out of there.

That is why, we have so many people fighting for the same job. So many high scorers in government exams. But no hero. Only a handful of respected sportsman. No winning bet on an Olympic gold medalist winner. No GUARANTEE that there will be another one of a kind shuttler to take up Lee Chong Wei's mantle to continue stamping our mark as badminton elites. The crisis that our national badminton squad faces will follow the footsteps of our national football team's footsteps- to utter disappointment (but on the other side, they are improving. Just that they are just a pale comparison to the Super Mokh era.)

We are taught to study, study and study our whole lives. We've seen the flame of our dreams as sportsmen, artistes, entertainers all doused with the so called logic and advices by our parents, teachers and society. That is why there would never be a Malaysian footballer playing in major football leagues in the Europe. Nor will there be any Malaysians that would stamp their mark in Hollywood or with God's miracle, get nominated for an Oscar or Grammy.

We are all prisoners, jumping and trying to get out of that fictional prison of ours. Those who succeeded are those who climbed without ropes. It takes great courage to be different to others. Unfortunately in my society, while scaling up a prison pit with no ropes, there is no one to chant "Deishi Basara!".

No one.

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