Monday, September 17, 2012

Shinji Kagawa's GIRLFRIEND??

I just knew this like few days ago. Kinda shocked me though. Cause I never did quite go to the extend of knowing a footballer's personal life. It is the performance on pitch that counts.

Now Kagawa's girlfriend, is an ADULT VIDEO actress in Japan. Well in other words, and a harsher word to use, would be a porn actress. Maybe it's considered okay in Japan. But for me, I find it quite hard to accept.

What more she's not only some porn star. She is THE porn star. Like one of the most hottest porn star in Japan. She is Ameri Ichinose.

Now I don't deny that she's pretty. Hot maybe also. And yes she's sexy. And yes again, most guys would not close their eyes if this girl would to strip in front of you (come on don't act gentleman!).

But as a girlfriend? I don't know about you guys. Maybe I can't say no if a chick like that come banging on my door. But as a girlfriend it's a definitely NO for me. It's like having a girlfriend who smokes and use vulgarities ( traits that I simply set as basic requirements of choosing a girlfriend).

Not that I look down on those who are in the porn industry. At least it's not earning a living the wrong way like stealing or robbing.

Being in the AV industry is more towards making love on air rather than being an actress in a movie with nudity. At least a movie has a freaking story line, with sex not really the main theme or focus of the movie. 

Maybe from my point of view, women should be treated with more respect and care. And as a woman, it's not really proper to show your personal side to everyone.

Then again, I don't mind free show. Bottom line, I think someone like Shinji Kagawa deserves someone with a better social stature.

*ps I still can't accept it. No. Jeez this is killing me. Wonder what Terry and Balotelli have up their sleeves?

*PS There are reports that this rumours are FAKE. Well Thank God I say! :D

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