Saturday, September 22, 2012

Can You Hear Me?

Sometimes, I just feel so lost. Sometimes I feel stress, anxiety on how to start writing the new chapter of my life.

Its like having to write a new story, where all this while I have been used to continue writing pieces of my life as it goes on.

I have just reached a point where, I fear of not knowing how to start a new chapter.

Well of course the main idea is there. But what to write?

It is mentally torturing when your friends have all started writing, while you are still left scratching your head in the exam hall, while time is ticking away...

It is disheartening to have submitted your resumes and not get notified as time goes by. You begin to doubt your own abilities. You start to feel lousy...

I am, lousy....  Can you hear me?


Anonymous said...

"Dont compare ur life to other's. You have no idea what their journey is all about".

Every time i faces difficulties or at a cross road, i tends to envy those who have smooth journey or those who have everything plan out well. Thus, the above quote is actually remind me not to compare with other ppl.

Hence, just because ur friends are working that's does not mean that u r lousy. Just because u r not called up for interview, that's does not mean u r not capable. Just because others had started the race and are ahead, don't not means u need to join them.

Sometimes it is best not to compare urself with others, firstly u dont know wat they have been through, secondly, u have ur own talent and capability, comparing will just promote conformity.

Start a new chapter in life which belongs to u. Not belong to the society, ur friends or rather conform to the norm. Be proud of urself, choose ur own path.

Be brave to embark the unknown. Go after what u like, not what suppose to be done.

All the best!

-Little potato-

jpthedarkknight said...

well thanks alot to your comment. It actually did a whole lot good into pitting faith in my own self.

Well whoever you are, I hope you get along with writing your life chapters smoothly too.

Thanks for leaving your footprint here. Much appreciated!