Wednesday, March 7, 2012

신데렐라 맨 (Cinderella Man)

Not to be confused with the English movie, rather it is the Korean drama 신데렐라 맨 I'm talking about.

Yeah yeah I know it's another post about something out of date (this is a 2009 drama). But since I'm infatuated with Im Yoon Ah, so I decided to watch this after I finish 꽃 보다 남자-Boys Over Flowers (God that one was even older).

I won't spare you with the story outline, first of all because I'm only half way through the 16 episodes, and two it's better to watch yourself, and three, it is not the purpose why this post is about the drama.

But I would outline the story roughly. This story is roughly something like the Prince and the Pauper. Oh Dae San (starred by Kwon Sang Woo) works as a fashion copycat. His job is to get copies of merchandise and reproduce them and sell them (just think of pirated goods). He has a dream since small, that is to earn 1 billion won and own Dongdae moon, one of Korea's biggest shopping heavens. Never knew that when he met Seo Yoojin (starred by Im Yoon Ah), his dream has taken a change in course...

After watching up till episode 8, which is already half way through, I just can't help but notice, that Oh Dae San and me have a lot in common. We both have big dreams (I don't know whether my dream now is considered legit or not. Probably it's just another childhood fantasy which shouldn't happen to a 22 year old guy). We're both cheerful and funny, sometimes a bit happy go lucky. We both yearn and hunger for success. So little bit or not I do see myself as Oh Dae San.

Oh yea during the ending part of episode 8, Seo Yoojin almost kissed with her manager, with Oh Dae San standing rooted helplessly as he is in love with Yoojin. It kinda brings me back to the days where I stupidly and unconditionally did so much for a girl, and yet she went for another guy...

But one thing Oh Dae San did was he stopped them from kissing by yelling at them.

If I were at the same situation, I'd probably stood still, watched them kissed, and then walk away...

Coming back to the present, yes I have been burden free for almost 3 months now, with no one on my mind. I can't deny not having a girl to spin my life out of control does seem comfortable and acceptable, even for the rest of my life...

But damn, when this scene come up, it really does bring me back to the emo days...

Another thing different is, Oh Dae San got a happy ending in that drama.

God my ending in my life is still as unclear. Dae San turned into Cinderella Man, went from pauper to prince. I may end up as a pauper forever. I may even die as a pauper life.

Will I be like Cinderella Man? If yes, when will it happen? :/

Yeah. I CAN be that crazy and gila by wearing a hair band. HAHA!

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