Friday, December 18, 2009


Well well well, finally a blockbuster. A screamer. A MUST-WATCH!! James Cameron made another spectacular movie that hopfully, breaks Titanic's record.

Sam Worthington, the Terminator hunk, portrays Jake Sully, an ex-marine, is paralzyed waist down from wounds sustained in combat. He is selected to participate in the Avatar program as his identical twin brother Tom was killed. Arriving from Earth to Pandora in a six year journey, Jake awakes from cryosleep to the planet which is rich in unobtainium.
Jake Sully in Avatar mode

Avatar, is defined as a character, or someone you portrayed in another world or dimension, be it a game or etc. So the Avatar program is some sort like a creation of a character which resembles the natives in the Pandora, which is known as the Na'vi and combining it with human genome that enables a human to control it by channeling their thoughts. He however, must be asleep in his real body. Another reason of the usage of the Avatar is human race are unable to breathe in the planet of Pandora.
The floating mountains in Pandora

Originally used as a device to hold diplomatic resolves with the Na'vis, as their village is sitting on top of the planet's richest Unobtainium source, Jake however was being told to infiltrate the Na'vis by gaining their trust and finding their weakness, so that the Colonel will know where to strike the natives hard. However in the process, Jake realise that he had fallen in love in the greenery of the planet(and also Neytiri) and in the end switch sides to lead the whole Na'vi against his own race.
Ikran(the blue flying beasts) battling the choppers


Great plot, great linkages, owesome 3-D effects. You can't ask for more. Everything in Pandora, even the blades of grass, are works of 3-D.

1st, break the gross record. Then, it's on to the Oscars!!!


Nikel Khor said...

yaya...avatar is awesome...i like d floating mountain

jpthedarkknight said...

haha.. its called the Hallelujah... LOL

麦子 said...

Really is a very very very nice movie.. ^^ every creature make me 'woah'...

jpthedarkknight said...

the lizard can fly one... some more illuminate in the dark like a floating umbrella. that one yeng.. XD