Sunday, August 28, 2016


For years, countless studies and research have been initiated to study the factors of success and achievements.

What makes a winner a winner?

Of course in a nutshell it can be summarize as determination, discipline, attitude, believe, hard work, perseverance and all other available words that comes into the latest dictionary there is.

Some argue that one of them stands out. Others begged to differ that it is a unique combination of everything.

Personally? I think it is up to believe. Or in Steven Covey's words, "Beginning with the end in mind"

Visualizing victory. Believing it so hard that it will break the toughest obstacle walls or the impossible.

No I did not come out with any study to prove that. It's just a personal opinion after watching multiple kinds of sports to come out with an opinion deriving from my gut. You can disagree, but you can't deny that believe in winning is that strong and powerful.

How often do you see a man proclaiming that he will sweep all gold for 3 consecutive Olympics, each time even though the race has not begun? And manage to smile even before finishing a race? That is not arrogance. It's the highest level of believe

How often does a team score in injury time to change the tide of the game? That it happens frequently compared to other teams, the spirit of it even has a name called "Fergie Time" and it has became a club folklore that impossible is nothing? This is the team that had rode through challenges in history to the present, from Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and now City. While other teams may have only historical bragging rights, this very club rewrote history in becoming the most successful club in England and have the brightest future in English football?

Not to mention a few of the other winners which have triumphed in their respective categories
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Top Swimmers in history

Top 10 Badminton Players of All Time

To become a national hero or winner is one thing. But to be a globally recognized legend that even time will remember is another herculean effort.

These are the people or teams that had the secret recipe others do not. Or maybe the others do have it. But it just happen that their will and believe is stronger, making the impossible, possible.

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