Monday, May 2, 2016


It's funny that a guy in his twenties (ok fine late twenties) has a strong notion that time and life is short.

And fearing death... In a way that where dreams are set out not being achieved before time and earth consumes us...

I think it all started after I finished reading Jobs by end of last year. Through the book I saw a man so inclined to change the world. So aware that life is a ticking time bomb which can go off anytime. And making most of his life to create a dent in the history in mankind.

Jobs hit me hard. It helped create a mental checklist in my head. It reminds me time to time that life and time is finite. It reminds me that time is precious.

As we slowly walk through our twenties and enter our thirties, there are different stages of life expectations. What people expects of us, and what we expect of ourselves.

My wish of entering a new chapter in my life materialized during the early part of this year. I am thrilled and excited of the small changes and steps I have set and achieved as I caution myself to the looming half year mark of 2016.

There are goals and resolutions which I have achieved in this year. There are a number in progress. There are also a few yet to have started.

As much as I am satisfied of my progress, there's still a bit of worry. What I lack, is a solid long term goal. A 10 year, 5 year plan. A big life achievement in the horizon.

And then to dissect this long term plan, into tiny pieces. Key milestone to be achieved year by year.

There are plenty of long term goals going on in my head. But as I have mentioned, it is not solid. No strong urge to pushing it to be a reality. No proper planning to draw out this master plan, this blueprint and progress monitoring to ensure its success as the time comes.

I need to do this one of these days. I need to draw out my master plans that will not only change my life, hopefully mankind too.

One of these days.... Yes I must...

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