Sunday, November 13, 2016

Life In Singapore - 4 months and on

It has been 4 months calling Singapore my home for the time being.

They say the right moment to jump is when you are presented with the chance to do it but are still hesitant to do it. I admit I was hesitant when the chance to come over here came knocking on my door.

Although I have planned for quite some time my next step of career advancement and future planning, things don't always go through as planned. I am glad things somehow turned out well.

Of course it comes with some sacrifice. You are forced to leave behind some of the perks you enjoy back in Malaysia. I am fortunate to have adjusted seamlessly in the space of 1 month. The pace, the walks etc... It's not something you snap fingers and change instantly.

Materialism is of abundance when you are in a city like Singapore. A mirror image of New York, Hong Kong. Subconsciously, you start to chase for a materialistic life, which in healthy doses  is what I think makes life, life. If everyone are to be so zen, able to forsake materialism, we would all be farming around. living each day as it is. What would life be if there is nothing to chase and nothing to realize?

A visit back Malaysia every once in a month reminds me of what I am missing back home. But it is with my current capability I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Which is something out of my reach with my previous earnings. Money is not everything. But money talks. As long as it does not speak louder than your mind and conscience, I think life now is quite good indeed for the time being.

It hasn't been an easy 4 months. Life could always be better. But I am glad that it is still alright for me. But definitely hoping for better things in life to come.

Because life should be, and would be, better as everyday comes

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