Friday, September 30, 2016

Life at Singapore - 3 months on, Achievements & Targets

Life is a game. If you can get serious with Pokemon GO, you should get serious with life.

Managed to be frugal in spending money on surviving. $400 inclusive of good weekend meals and coffee. Don't think I ever did that back then in Malaysia.

Debt is almost clear! Another 2 more months I will be debt free! Finally things can start getting serious!

Things to do in 1 month time:

Window Shopping/ Shopping. Working in a corporate world means looks matters. Shirts, pants, and yes baby a watch

Things to do in 2 months time:


Things to do in 3 months time and above:

1. Time to beef up the investment account. 
2. Save up to open up a Singapore trading account
3. Buy a watch. I mean a really good watch
4. Buy a pen. The one's that gets shown to the camera when you sign big big documents
5. Save up for a relatively good trip. If you wanna do a trip in bloody March 2017, I don't know how much you are going to save from December to February.

Yeah before that better get your budget done.

I shouldn't be writing my to-do lists at 12am.. Gosh so insincere 

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