Saturday, October 8, 2016


I have never been able to watch a movie straight 2 hours using my laptop. Somewhere down the road back then, there was this thinking that binge watching was considered a waste of time. Yeah 2 hours is considered time wasting.

But the funny part is, I keep downloading movies. Which now I have lots of backlog. So many movies un-watched. And list of movies to watch gets piling up.

Don't get me wrong. I don't download anything under the sun. It's the good ones that I earmark and keep. And it has to be perfect.

And soundtracks! How can a movie ever be perfect without soundtracks!

I think the crude awakening is... Movies are not solely for pleasure and unwind. It enlightens. It motivates. It reminds you of your real life. Principles that you should adhere to, as you pass each day, walking towards that dream of yours that you, someday will achieve.

Sure yes other people can do a lot of other stuffs in 2 hours time. Strike a balance! When you feel crappy, watch a good movie to remind you that all is not lost! Then with that new found strength and belief, arm yourself and stand up to fight again.

Perhaps I should start watching more regularly then? :)

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