Friday, February 13, 2009

Jp The Bard Of Kunte Forest

Long long time ago
Long before the time even one can follow
Lived a bard, a singing fellow
In the forest of Kunte, a tree which leaves in yellow

Lonely he may find himself
No dwarves, human or elves
But a pack of harmless jackals nearby dwell
Life was bored like the rings of a bell

However life can seem colourful
Even when the feeling seem painful
The bard will sing, his voice the only tool
About kings and the stupid fool
With love and hatred both so full

In the boring room from sun rise
Melodies flow, no one despise

Always longing to find his dream
Which now seems unclear like a muddy stream
When shall he be, the crop of the cream
No one knows, forever it seems

Once he thought of love so well
Never thought so high he fell
For love rose higher from the flames of hell
Up up away, higher than the ringing heaven bells

Once again the bard sings
About the past and future things
Long has he wish to bring
Everything by the voice, he sings, he sings…

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Guantou said...

nice poem dude~