Friday, March 12, 2010

A Farmer's Harvest

38 days countdown from now
Seeds of success I now sow

To yield the crops of the best
Consistent and daily care is the test
For if every step is done with zest
It'll sure be a bumper harvest

Till the ground, sow the seeds
Water them everyday, pull the weeds
Cater them for their daily needs
Care them with love, not with speed

When comes the day of harvesting,
Remember to give yourself a resting,
For if one cannot finish his harvesting,
All effort and crops thus end in wasting...

Time to work hard people for your final exams. But of course, get enough rest and sleep during your exam period. A lethargic body and tired mind is useless even though it is full with knowledge... All the best my friends...


nn said...


your entry somehow reminds me of my uncle back in Kelantan because he is a farmer and i heard that he suffered a lot of damage (in terms of income) during february since there's almost no rain at all during that month...

jpthedarkknight said...

well, that would be a natural disaster. sorry to hear that though..

gackyz said...

I like fresh tomatoes. :D