Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forca Portugal

For those who still think that Ronaldo is a one man show guy, I'd have to say you have never watched football. Ronaldo was a one man show pony, that was before he matured into one of the world's best football talent. You saw what he did to the DPR Korea's team. No exaggerating dribbling skills like Robinho, no futile shots that skied high.

All I saw was brilliant play and passes that teared open the defences, rocket shots that hit the posts, rattling the wood work, shots that left the keeper rooted on the ground, blistering runs down the wing.

And the scoreline? A historic 7-0

Yet I do agree he is second to Lionel Messi, he cannot change the momentum of the game like Messi. But that was club footballl.

Time to shine for your country and shine the world...

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