Sunday, May 12, 2013


Since the days where people started working, defined as getting paid by someone who hired you, work output has always been measured by the hours spent on doing it.

You work, you get paid. You work more, you get paid more (in some circumstances). It is nature. It is how things were. And it is also how things are currently.

Then Key Performance Index (KPI) came. It was the start of something new. That work will not only be measured by the hours put in. But also the EFFORT.

At a specific time length given, a KPI can access whether an individual outperforms or under performs based on his or her historical records.

Example, if a carpenter is required to make 10 chairs in 10 hours, but manages to finish all 10 in 7 hours, he has certainly outperforms his KPI. He gets paid for his EFFORT, and not for the sake of working 10 hours.

Hence, these days you have people working flexibly, regardless of the time they must be present at their work station. People get to work from home, more freedom and pleasure I would say.

But still, work is still measured by the time and duration sacrificed these days. In some cases it is still inevitable. I don't blame the system.

I can just hope that one day I can escape such a system. Escape the rat race that I fear I may be running until 60 years old, should I am afraid of taking a leap when the time comes.

I have only one life. A life is a life ONLY when you live it to the fullest. Running a rat race for the rest of my life is not intriguing to me at all. How can a life be a life when you're not gonna spend the most of it doing something you love? 

p.s. Sometimes, when I see people out there, who are different from the rest, not needing to slog for a living, earning money in such a way where they needn't sacrifice a big chunk of their time, the enviousness keeps haunting me. Yes I would love to be rich to a certain extent. Not because I love a lavish life. But more because that I would love to have the time of my life to do what I want.

Because I want to live my life my way :)

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