Sunday, October 6, 2013


Recently I found myself losing that passion for one of my interests - music.

Gone were the days when a good song hit me hard, so hard that I visualize it in piano arrangements, and I would try playing it out on the piano.

Not that I'm some music prodigy or what so ever. It's just that it used to feel so so soooo good when you're able to figure out the chords, then the rhythms, then voila, a basic rendition by yourself, which is certainly very very rewarding, if you're passionate about music.

Now ever since I start working, my life starts taking it's toll. I only exercise during the weekends. And apart from reading my ever growing reading lists, playing some games here and there and catching good dramas and movies, I realized that the urge to play a song on the piano doesn't crops up as it used to.

Nowadays I last barely 5 minutes on the piano. Gone were the perseverance where I would sit down for half an hour or an hour, playing the songs that I used to know or practiced learning those that I tried so hard.

Yes this is the real life. Working takes up a whole big chunk of your life. All in the name of money. Because without money, you can't live. You'll have nothing to eat. You'll have nowhere to stay. You'll be.. hopeless.

But deep down inside me, I yearn to roll back the days that I once had. Playing the piano because I have the luxury to do so. Spend the whole afternoon reading the books that takes me to another place. Have that 1 hour gaming, and that hourly dose of daily exercise.

Ahhh... I must be dreaming too much...

Musical binge, please come back. Cause without you, I am not Ong Joo Parn...

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