Sunday, August 16, 2015

Of Short Fused, Impatience and Enlightenment

We all changed through the tidings of time.

I used to be a patient guy. Or should I say "long fused", difficult to get mad. I was calm. Docile.

I think this change of me happened along the period when I started living in the city. Bustling, busy, always on the go. Patience gets tested, and this particular ability gets lost and eroded.

I find myself more prone to irritations. Though still able to contain my feelings to prevent outbursts and arguments, I noticed that I get into situations where I'm in the midst of a hot debate, which totally irks and repels me.

Impatience is the aftermath trait we all gain if we lose the ability of patience. In many ways it is actually beneficial. I try to look at impatience as a gift these days. Not wanting to hear crap or bullshit, breezing past people who are walking idly as if they own the whole damn road, escalator and etc., you name it. 

I seriously think that sometimes the lax nature that Malaysians have could be one of the factors we are lagging behind. People keep saying oh give us more time, we'll be the South East Asian strong house by 2020. Well 5 years to go, and we are losing even to Indonesia.

Japan has saw 2 of its major cities reduced to ashes during the second world war. They have now surge to be one of the strongest countries in Asia. South Korea boosts one of the most front line technologies in the world. Singapore, with no land for crops and agriculture, seeking independence from Malaysia, has sprinted towards a better tomorrow. 

And here we are in Malaysia, thinking that we need more time. We are too lax. By observing just one simple trait, just by the speed we walk, can give a glimpse of how we are actually doing in terms of embracing the future. I am appalled. 

p.s. Seriously MYsians should be educated to stay on one side of the elevator or pavements to make way for rushing people.

I'm grateful of my current job. It's a technical job. What I do, learn or apply can bore the crap out of people who studied marketing and finance. But I am thankful that by being solid technically, one learns the essence and basics of life - Logic and Laws of Science. Even the most mundane sales pitch or marketing idea cannot mask or change logic and facts. Hard to believe sales pitch or marketing idea undoubtedly may induce periodical doubts and paradigm shifts, but if it won't work, it ain't gonna work. The enlightenment that I gain was being brilliant at logic and facts, and being practical, which help changed my mindset quite a bit. There is a change of how I see things now compared to 2 years ago.

I am slowly becoming a city guy. Or should I say I am already one. I cannot imagine myself going back to a life in idyllic Taiping. I have changed...

And I know I changed for the better. 


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