Sunday, December 27, 2015

Reviewing My 2015

27th December 2015...

How time flies...

To be honest, I started off 2015 without any major resolutions in place even though a partially successful one in 2014 (I managed to have a well drafted one, up till the to-do's for my daily life. My resolutions slowly crept in along the year, which wasn't that bad at all!

Reading wise I set a realistic target for myself of 30 books. I'm at 27, not really hitting the target but as an overall, I would give myself a pat on the back for keeping that close to the target.

Health and fitness wise, that far off and almost died off dream to enroll myself in a full marathon (42km) is as elusive as ever. There was no urge to join up a marathon to cross that off my to-be-achieve list. But what I revered was the discipline I put myself through by joining up gym, in conjunction of my preparation for my Mt Kinabalu hike in the month of May. Although that discipline has been waning off in the recent months where work is taking off my time more and more, there is still that ounce of strength to push myself to gym during the weekends when I could be almost flat out.

I spent less and less time on entertainment (watching movies, playing games and browsing facebook aimlessly). That partially contributed to more reading time, I all but stopped watching dramas. I cut down on browsing through facebook. A 1G data quota ensure I minimize facebook on my phone significantly. I would want to keep up and improve on this if possible.

I am still on the starting line in learning more on investments. The thought of learning to invest, whether be it on shares or doing something to earn abit more money has been always cropping up in my mind time to time. But due to the not-so-urgent nature and time constraint, I haven't really been able dabble or venture more into it. I hope to put in more effort and time in this, as I know it will play an important part in the future.

Also what could I had changed in 2015 was to successfully take up a job offer in Singapore. Due to personal reasons and beliefs, I had took up the decision to looking into the possibility of working in Singapore. I missed the one and only chance I got back in September and I hope plenty of opportunity arises in the coming New Year. Needless to say I am desperate in a change for the better in my life.

The notion of having time calculated as years brings great benefits and sometimes despair. I am sure each of us would look back and ponder what 2015 has been to each of us. It will be sweet when we reminiscent the sweet times; sour and bitter when we revisit the sad and tragic moments... Like it or not, each year is different in its own ways, 2015 would soon be the past as 2016 slowly creeps upon us.

Let the lessons in 2015 make us better, and the triumphs and joy drive us to better heights. I know this sounds abit early but definitely better than late, here's to a Great 2016.

May The Force Be With You...

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