Sunday, February 19, 2017

Earn SGD, Spend MYR

It is almost a year since I quit my job in Malaysia in favor of a stronger currency just across the straits.

The job itself comes with pros and cons. But the very fact that I am earning SGD and spending MYR certainly paints a better picture compared to my previous financial predicament.

It seems like a fool proof modus operandi. Nothing can go wrong! Work up the corporate ladder, earn more and more SGD and invest everything back to Malaysia. Sooner or later life starts getting easier and better. Well to be honest it is already!

But, those who know me, well you know me. I don't settle for the norm. I don't want to settle for such an easily predicted life. I still believe deep down in me I have all it takes to make a difference. To be different. Even down the road I may end up lesser than the above fool proof method.

Of course I ultimately aim to beat the life of earning SGD and spending MYR. It is a hard and tough decision. It is a path of uncertainty. It is a path of risk.

But it is also a path to higher grounds and achievements.

Time to make it count. The time is now.

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