Sunday, January 28, 2018

Unfinished Tales

I recently came across a post on how people describe their failed first time relationship.

First love is when you put you heart and soul into everything. Picture yourself writing a story. But then right as you are about to finish the story, you teacher comes around and rips it off, saying your handwriting is too hideous and demands it in better writings.

You still remember the story. But the thought of re-writing everything just seems to put you off. You just had your energy sapped off.

Almost 2 years and I still have that feeling. In a way I am getting less and less bothered by the complications a relationship comes with, but a part of me still gets anxious whether how am I going to shake this off.

A part of me still wants to finish off that story... 

But I guess the most of me is fed up about writing any more.

Just a small part is anxious that this cannot goes on...

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