Saturday, May 30, 2009

Terminator Salvation Movie Review

Okay, I had just watched this film yesterday, so now for a little review...

This film is one of the most complicated films ever. You gotta have a damn good imagination and understanding to know what is going on in the film. People who do not understand just tell you that each of everyone of the films is a different story, not a francise of films. The truth is, there are all connected. It may seem nonsense but keep in mind the most important thing,"Every action will alter the future". If you have seen the drama "Heroes", it is simply known as "The Butterfly Effect"

Okay back to the film. Film starts off quite strangely. Marcus Wright is planning to donate all of his organs and limbs to a so called cancer doctor, as he is fed up of his life as he takes the blame of his brother and another two guys. The doctor tells him that he should give himself a second chance to live and prove himself. After going under the knife, point of view is changed to the year 2018, the present day (in the movie).

John Connor is now an adult, well almost leader of the Human Resistance, a group of still surviving human race at war with machines, Skynet's army of terminators. Skynet is a computer online system, created and became self-aware, meaning it has a mind of its own. As it is the creation of the United States Military Defence, it holds the key to all of the weapons of the US. It's self awareness provoke it to view human existence as a threat, thus letting off a rain of nuclear missles, destroying almost all of the human population during the third film The Terminator Judgement Day.

Christian Bale as in John Connor

View 2018 as the present day. Skynet knows that John Connor is the man that is going to take it down. So, kill him before he has grown up, so no more John Connor. Therefore you have Skynet sending T-800, T-1000 and T-X back to the past to destroy John Connor. T-800 was to kill Sarah Connor, John's mother. But John knew this, and sent back Kyle Reese to protect his mum. And something intimate happened between Kyle and Sarah, and ta-daah you have baby John Connor...

So T-800 falied its mission. As John grows up, Skynet made 2 more attempts to terminate him, each time with a more powerful terminator. But present day John and his wife seems to succed in sending a reprogramed T-800 (Arnold) to protect young John...

Okay, the forth movie is about the fall of Skynet. As the plot goes, human race thought it has found a high frequency of sound wave that can cut the connection of the merceneries from Skynet, as Skynet is a large remote control controlling every machine roaming earth...

As a series of events unfold, Marcus woke up in 2018, and found out that he IS a machine in the inside when he meets John Connor. John Connor was terrified, suspecting Marcus is sent to kill him. But a series of shooting and fighting convince John that Marcus is on his side. At that time, Kyle Reese is being held hostage at Skynet. So with the help of Marcus shutting down the system of Skynet, John is able to infiltrate Skynet to rescue Kyle Reese. Remember, if Kyle Reese is dead, there will be no John Connor, thus machines will win this war.

"You killed my mother, you killed my father... But you will not kill me..."

The twist in this plot is that Marcus is desigend as a human flesh coverd robot to infiltrate the human base. At the moment shutting down Skynet's defense, his memory is also shared by Skynet. So it went as planned. Skynet knows John is in it's perimeter, alone, and finishing him off would be a piece of cake.

The fight commence. But before that John managed to free the human hostages held at Skynet. But John was fighting against the whole army of Skynet. Luckily in the end, Marcus ripped off the chip in it's head, and saved John from a T-800. Sadly still, the T-800 punctured John's heart, and John only have two hours of live left...

Marcus in the end offered John his heart. And said that John deserved a second chance of life as he had... Movie ends...

Best quote of the movie

"The difference of a human and a machine is the heart. It needs no chip and programing. If humans have no heart in doing anything, what is the point of winning this war?

So reflect it to our society. Everyday we keep seeing case of snatch thieves killing people because their greed, and these few days, child abusing. If you do not have a heart to love and care every living thing that is around you, and taking other people's life, what do the society think of you? You are merely a robot, with the greed and lust controlling you.

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