Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My "Working" Philosophy

I daresay that if it isn't for money and surviving, most people wouldn't be working.

Being "forced" to work to earn money for survival makes us unhappy. There is proof! With only 19% of employees happy or satisfied with their job routine, most of the people we see out there are mostly just the same as us.

However though, that doesn't mean I am here to to encourage you guys to just lay back and hope for food to drop from the sky. Work for me is a terrible and horrible work. I define the world "work" as: "giving you a job title (for example Doctor, Engineer, Teacher) and running your designated responsibilities over and over again for the sake of earning enough money to feed you and your family."

I prefer using the word learning. Hence I am happy to admit that studying as a student was the best job I had ever got in my life.

 Being happy at work is the most important aspect. I used to be confused about the term "Love what you do" and "Do what you love". Of the two quotes, I see the former one more often, which I firmly disagree. Love is not something you can just wake up and find it there. It needs to be nurtured. Some jobs won't be able to be loved even if an employee spends the rest of their lives with it. "Love what you do" is a misnomer, which I think is poisoned into an employee's mind by the employer.

Doing what you love is a whole lot different! If you love music, then embark on a career that has to do with music! If you like cooking, then be a chef or a pâtisserie . In that case, working's main reason would not be for the money, but the passion and energy you are willing to give in and sacrifice for the love of it.

There are many kinds of work in this world. Most of them requires us to put in physical energy to get a paycheck. A better one would be requiring your intellectual capacity to help solving your employer's problems. The last one, which I think is the most rewarding one, is just supplying resources (for example money) for future dividends or rewards, in other words INVESTING.

Choosing a job where you are passionate about ain't easy. Because it may be "un-main stream". It may not be glamorous. But at the end of the day, it is about doing what you love, get paid for it, and be happy with that stretch of life where you are going to spend 40 years of it of your entire life.

Here are a few jobs which I am definitely passionate about, and won't even have second thoughts should the chance arises:

1. Singer
2. Member of a musical band
3. Tour guide
4. Musical instrument tuner (piano tuner for example)
5. Writer (just mainly a blogger)
6. Publisher
7. Problem solving team
8. Teacher (English or Music)
9. Filming industry (still not well verse and decided on this. But sounds exciting to me)
10. Book/movie critic
11. Food critic
12. Author (book form)

Although I do have plans to be rich one day in the future, but by the age of 30 I sure wish I can finally say that I am in a job where I am not slogging to earn money, but I am doing it for the love I am willing to give.


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