Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yes. My current job can be demanding. It requires me to travel up and down the PLUS highway. I put in high amount of time (and vigilance) when I'm on the road. My job requires me to go after outstanding invoices, pending goods return notes, all at my manager's order.

Yes. I admit. Life after work is tiring. Some times I just want to do nothing! Just lie down and sleep and recharge. But I still  need to update my manager on what my daily activities, which includes not only my jobs and responsibilities but also my subordinates.

I am a very demanding person in some ways. I always demand myself to be better, no matter what the circumstances are. I'm not that demanding when it comes to other people. I am easy to accept others fault. But not my own. Just like Jose Mourinho. If Real Madrid wins, it's the team that gets the plaudits. If Madrid loses, he blames himself. Salute that guy.

Sometimes I do complain about my work. But that's just it. Complaining for the sake of it. Complain to somehow take off a few notch of the pressure. Voicing out displeasure among colleagues is one of my ways to keep calm and work on.

I live by my motto. 永不言败。Never say die.

Yes my job can be demanding. Yes it saps energy out of me.

But that doesn't mean I am applying non pay leave in conjunction of CNY to ESCAPE from my work!!!

This accusation really does break my heart into two.

And when this accusation comes from your own parents, your heart just breaks into another million pieces.

Fine then. I'll cancel my leave to please them!

But, will they ever know what I like to do in my future? What are my passion? Chances are, they expect me to live a rat race's life, just like them, until I retire...

Take leave pun kena criticize by own parents... I'm a failure...


ywmai said...

but y they mau criticized u for taking leaves? weird pun~

jpthedarkknight said...

Gen X will never understand Gen Y mia thinking de .... :3