Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Difference Between Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea

What's the difference of a mission and vision:

Vision: Having the guts to say that you have the guts to knock someone off their f*ckin perch in 20 years time.

Mission: This is our season.

No I'm not saying that my beloved club is the greatest of them all. But we all knew who was the man that taught us what envisioning was all about. Creating a vision. Have your team move forward. Even though there are some seasons where we don't lift a single damn trophy. But we knew we were going the right direction. And subconsciously season by season, trophy after trophy, that vision of being the Kings of England was getting less and less absurd. Until the day the prophecy came true.
Why I dismiss Liverpool, Manchester City or even Arsenal when it comes to football analysis? Well quite simple Liverpool and Manchester City ALWAYS focus on short term goals. Rafa Benitez was so engrossed with European glory that as great as Liverpool may be in Europe, back at home they are nothing else than cannon fodder to other teams. Then came the long unheard rule of giving a defending champions a right to defend their European crown even though they did not even finish top 4 in the league. Plainly justified example. This season however may be that not so typical so-near-yet-so-far feel that they'll lament:"Argh, so close!" (But deep down I know the fact United finishing below them will make Pool fans happier than winning the league)
City? City have just won 1 title in 40 years, swoon by their unexpected success that the following seasons went into awry. They sack the messiah that delivered them to the Promise Land (bloody joke) and hire a Chilean who now haven't been able to produce a solid City like Manchini had last time. And what happens if Pellegrini fails? The sack game continues. City is nothing more a circus act. One night of fame earns you a standing ovation; one night gone wrong and you'll be fed to the lions.
Arsenal? What more of Arsenal? I heard every Arsenal fan jump for joy the moment they signed Ozil and how they performed in the early 10 matches. But they always forget come February, the loser loses it all.

No I'm not bad mouthing. Feel free to analyze each and every club that falls under my scathing but honest attack and prove me wrong.
The only team I consider a threat and a future monopoly in the BPL would be nonetheless Chelsea. Great manager, brilliant team, and unlocked potential.

And yes. Mourinho does have a vision. We all know that, it's the small but perfect ingredient to ultimate success and glory.


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