Monday, September 14, 2009

Ankle, GG-ed

It’s painful even if you are a saint
When you get your ankle sprained
A quick shot of pain up your veins
Then you fall motionless on the lane.

You feel that you lost one of your legs
Can’t stand up although it’s a piece of cake
Until someone gives you a hand to take
You’d rather writher, slither like a snake.

It enlarges, swells like a balloon,
The colour is of purplish maroon,
Round and round like a full moon
Argh I wish it will go away soon.

Sad thing I did not get any ice
Although ZHENG GU SHUI is suffice
Imagine my howling and terrible cries
As the burning medicine is applied.

To recover will take a long time
Before I can run, jump or climb
God oh god hasten my recovery
Or I think the pain will drive me crazy

Kakiku.... Woo~ T-T

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