Friday, September 18, 2009

Ditch-ed Hitch

Another out-dated movie review. I watched this yesterday. And I was, hey, that was sooo like me, I mean Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens (played by Will Smith)

It is wierd, damn wierd to be able to read what the opposite sex is thinking. Sometimes i see that as a blessing. That made me some sort of counsellor or someone to spill their thoughts to when they are in a dilemma (mostly girls!). And it does cross their minds what a wierd guy I am, always guessing everthing right. Some of my friends are not even those I talk to face to face before. Most of them are known through the Internet.

So, it's normal that there are times I see relationships as a known ending to me. I won't try knowing it's never gonna work. I know what the girl is thinking by the way she replies or every move she takes. Why? I've gone through it over and over and over. So what do I do? Simple, I just pick the right move.

Yeah, maybe I am Alex. Cheated in college by then a girl whom he loves... Now, well I myself am not sure what I am.

The only difference... He is the one who creates chances for men. I'm the one who rescues it for the girls... Cos girls are the one's who usually end relationships. But sometimes, ending it is the right way. If the guy they are having sucks like a pig... That time, no comment...

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