Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Becoming Of A Man III

Why guys tend to flirt? Why men tend to get involved in affairs? I'm not saying that women don't, but compared to each other, no doubt men has the higher possibilities...

We have Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, disgraced and stripped England captain John Terry, famous men, important men, men of honour I should say( regarding of their capabilities and importance to their country ) all having the trouble to cope with sexual addiction. And the girls woudn't mind to. Who would not want to spend the nights with a well known man which equals striking a lottery jackpot?

Naughty Terry... XD

Vannessa Perroncel, the "she" that made Terry gaga

Berlusconi. Read his face. I have affairs. So what?


I have to admit, sometimes these things are really hard to control. But that doesn't mean you let it take over you and, you know, get over it the wrong way.

Or maybe love just doesn't exist or just ain't that real for a man that high up above us all...

Statistics show that the secretion of men's sex hormone is 7 times more than a women's. That's why we go Oo~la~la when "some one" catches your eye...

But still, it's up to our mind to say "yes" or "no"


Eh you guys came in from the wrong,....

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