Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fickle Minded???

There are times when we really wanna do something, but in the end we end up not doing it. Maybe it's just damn too hard, or maybe we didn't try hard enough. Then we start blaming ourselves for not trying our best, and tend to regret when the time comes by.

There are times when we really wanna achieve that something, that target that we have set in every beginning. But in the end, things does not really turn out our way. Can we really move on and hope for the best the next time?

There are things that do not have some other time, nor do we have the time to keep on forever lying to ourselves that some miracle will happen in the future.

But if we don't fight, I doubt that miracles are going to be possibles, merely the ramblings of a crazy man...

Fickle minded, or perspectives?

Realistic, or optimistic?


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