Friday, February 26, 2010


If there were no system, there won't be an order. A systematic procedure to do things. A correct way to undergo something...

God created systems in such a perfect way, that there is no way of denying it's profficiency. The every solar systems in this universe, which revolves on planets spinning around a giant star without any upkeep... The photosystems in plants, and the every systems in our body. The nervous system, the immune system, urinary system, you name it!!
Humans also have created it's own system. The computer is so far the best system ever to be produced by the human brain. But still, computers wear out to time, unlike the creations of God.
And what about the systems of judicary and politics. Sure they are useful in a way, but to be 100% undeniably efficient?

Undeniably, we still have a long way to go. And there are many weakness that will in the end, cost the error in a system or a group. But we will never achieve total perfection.

In the end, humans are also humans...

I maybe wrong, but what I did for what I believe and want, I'm sure I'm clear of what I want...

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