Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Of You

I just want you to know that,

Love makes even a guy like me lachrymose

Obsession when it comes, in its max and most

Vacant it is not, this heart of mine

Ever longing and waiting for you to find.

You’d probably don’t know how strong it feels

Only to have you in my mind, for real

Upon the wake to my day, till the dreams of my night.

The dreams of you can’t be sweeter

Even if it’s about me and you together

Only making it real would it matter,

Holding back on it, would bring my heart to tatters.

How to let go the reason of them all

Understand that, you're what I will give my all

It is you who will shape me; either I stand or fall.

Just a small crush I say, would be lying

In my heart I know, you’re my everything

Ubiquitous you are, in my heart and mind

No “you” in my life, will make me a blind…

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