Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reasons Why McDonalds beat KFC - A noob's point of view

Okay, to clear things up, I would say I probably got "infected" or "converted" after working at Macfood. Even previously, if I were to choose, I would have chosen KFC. I didn't knew what the fuss was about with people going gaga over McD.

But as I have delved deeper into understanding the way McD runs it's business, you can't help but to be amazed on what McDonald's have achieved all this year. I'm no professional analysis, but here are a few points that I have highlighted out as personal experiences, that justify why, the restaurant with the Golden M, reigns supreme.

First and foremost, good business and marketing strategy. McDonald's is the first one to come up with McValue lunch. Selling at a price almost half than the usual, this move almost triple the turnover if I'm not mistaken. Then you have other fast food chain also following in. You can't deny that McDonald's actually have the guts to take the risk by becoming the pioneers of offering cheap and fast lunch.

Secondly, catering the people's choice and taste. It is undeniable that there are more McD fans than KFC fans. Reason? There are actually more KFC outlets in Malaysia than McDonald's. To be precise, KFC owns almost twice the amount of outlets than McDonalds (445 versus 220). And yet, you have McDonald's scooping up the best restaurant 2nd time in the row this year (2011) and with a higher turnover than KFC. Amazing? McDonald's surely owe we people a lot!

Thirdly, doing what they are best at - fast food! McD are known to serve their customers fast and efficiently. The most you need to wait during normal time would be around 3 minutes. Every food is sorted and compartmentalized so that it eases the waiters. Fact that most people don't know: the Mcdonald's kitchen is carefully measured and engineered to ensure the least movement around the speed up human capabilities. I don't know about KFC, but if I were to think back, I think that I've waited a lot more longer at KFC's

Forth, smart and planned service. Notice that whenever your McD's order is taken, you are needed to wait beside the counter to allow the person behind you to take his or her order. By that time you're waiting, you have already paid for your food. Unlike KFC, after taking your order, the cashier would be the one personally serving the food, dealing with one customer at a time rather than multi-tasking compared to McDonald's. Customers are thus more prone to be impatient. I don't know whether KFC have adopted this same approach like McDonald's since it was quite a while I have been to KFC. But if they haven't consider this as another point added to McD.

Fifth, but not last, serving what you put on your menu. Never have I ordered something and being told that there is no stock at McD. And neither did I have to be told that you need to wait for half an hour. Yes. I am directing this "accuse" to KFC, especially the breakfast. Till now, I never have the chance to really have KFC's morning breakfast. Everytime I go in and ask I would get the same response. Either there is no stock, or I'll have to wait for half an hour. LMAO! Half an hour? I could have finish eating mee jawa or nasi lemak by that time! Not that I don't make an initiative, but the thing is when you make one, you are not even given the choice.

Note that this post was done without much analysis and more to personal experiences. I might be biased, but hey ask yourself. When do you actually see an offer or promotion that you need to open your eyes bigger and can't believe what is offered? And for those who are always on facebook, tell me when, have you actually see KFC's promotion being supported like mad?

Food for thought...

*This post is not meant to dis-honour any fast food restaurants. This is only the preference and experience of a food lover, who may be biased. Hopefully the words and terms I use are not of offensive and degrading. KFC is good, but you're just not that good compared to McD. Sorry...


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Great article with deep analysis. Probably due to McD recent business strategies that causes the market shares to increase. Remember those days where KFC is the luxury to go, and McD is viewed as a restaurant for kids (kids like to go there for happy meals toy)and it is no longer the case now. Nonetheless, it is good to have neck to neck competitions because at the end of the day, consumer would be the one who benefit...

sulinnn said...

Haha I like this post! For some reason, I have always like McD more than KFC! Even in US, mcD is more popular than KFC! :) At least that's what I think la, considering that there are 2 mcD outlets within walking distance in my campus and the nearest KFC is somewhere in town (need a car to get there)

jpthedarkknight said...

there you go.. further solid proof... XD