Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mowing The Grass

No. It is not the title. Rather how I wanna start my post. It's been quite sometime I've updated my blog. I used to be quite a blogger. Sometimes 2 post per day. I used to blog about music, every movie I went to. But then, I don't know where the initiative disappeared to. Probably I was put off by other bloggers who are so easily garnering views and ad income because of their looks.

No harm or critics. Looks does play a major role these days. Not that I condemn you. Rather envy would be a better word.

Well, let's keep that aside and I'd rather talk about what's on my mind at the moment.

Lesson One

It's the freaking long break. I have all types of fungus and mushrooms all over me. Everyday I just do the same thing over and over and over. Eat, play, sleep. Round and round the clock. I tried to find part time work. But hmm... Those unanswered calls resulted into the stimulation of the viral and contagious laziness that is manifesting inside me... I would have killed myself knowing I was virtually doing nothing good... T.T

But hey, to think back I was such a nerd and was in such a strict family during my secondary days made things easier. I only played computer games during the weekend, that only at most 2hours per day. I did not had a cellphone, so hitting out with girls was never on my list.

So, I got into Maplestory and was kinda over-indulged in it. There was this specific level where you can get job advancement and learn more powerful skills. It was a game that you yourself, play to try to reach the top.

So deep down inside, I set a level of 120 to achieve ( the last job advancement level. Max level is 200). So after playing for about 4 months ( I started playing on the beginning of April), I finally reach level 120 on Monday, 1st of August 2011. Exactly 4 months.

Of course there was this feeling of achievement. Come on 120 isn't easy. I didn't knew a single thing about how to get to 120. I went through forums and guides. I played without using real money. And I did not freaking play whole day either!

But then now, I felt quite lost. Now what? 200? Note that it takes more and more time to get to the next level. So getting to 200 before my semester starts is out of the question. Well then I'll just stick to leisure play... No rush and hush... =)

All these days, until the day I reach 120, I've realised something. That no matter what we do, there must be a target or level that we are aiming for. I aimed for 120. I've made it. I felt happy. But there are times when we know that we are much more capable of doing something more. Maybe in this case I should have set a target to a level of 150. *ponders

Okay quit using a game as a reference. A smart and hardworking kid should not just aim for 80 marks in a test when he is capable of achieving 90 marks. Of course 80 marks when compared to others is a rather respectable result, but hey, with great power comes great responsibility. If you're brilliant, why not aim higher? Why aim for the sky, when you know there are footprints on the moon?

Lesson 2

Okay after the day I reached 120, I made up my mind to do the Zakum pre quest. Now one of the pre quest involves a jump quest, which basically requires you to jump on platforms at the right time.

Here's a video on what's a jump quest...

So basically this "pro" took 6 minutes. In reality, it could take up to 4-5 hours depending on your skills and luck. I took around 2 hours +. And err, remember ONE MISTAKE, you'll dropped down the lava beneath, taking 200+ hp damage per 5 seconds and you have to swim through the lava back where you started... And yes, the jump quest has 2 stages. Means there is a stage one and 2. Finish both means you've succeeded.

I admit it really got to my nerves. Everytime I fell I was like SH*T! WTH! D*MN! And I was impatient. Sometimes I did not wait for the right moment to jump. I made a perfect jump, but the falling rocks made me fall into the lava... *fuming with anger that time...

Good thing about this was, I read a guide on how to do this jump quest. Of course there is no particular skill or technique really. One most important aspect is a calm mind. This is a test of patience! One good suggestion I read was, pop in some soothing music and you'll breeze pass it. And those words of encouraging that I gave myself like, it's okay, try again, you did well, but try to remember the sneaky part and all those things and stuff. In the end I made it.

The 1st stage I think I fell around 20 times... The second stage, I think I fell less than 5 times... Hence such is the miracle or difference a sane and patient man can be compared to a rash and impatient counterpart.

Other than being patient, it is the spirit of never giving up. No matter how many times you've fall, it's all right to climb back up and be ready to fall again, until you manage to vanquish your fear and obstacles. Life is cruel. But we human, are hardy folks ;)

Yes, playing Maplestory (too much!) is a waste of time, I admit. But surprisingly what I have gained, or learned are lessons of life. Life inside a cyber world is similar to the reality. But to say it is entirely the same is completely outrageous and obnoxious. I've a million in my cyber world and I grow crops in FarmVille or Barn Buddy. That doesn't make me a millionaire in the reality or a farmer that steals his neighbour's crops... LMAO!

So, basically, I just proved that playing computer games does wonders huh? XD

But then again, don't think all gamers are so wise to realise lessons of life in games huh? *chuckle

Ah yes, my blog seems tidy now.... =D

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