Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thought of The Day

As uncertain as the future may be, then as much as scary is what I am feeling. I don't know how or will I be driving a car or not, live in a house or not, get life partner to start a family with, or maybe live to a ripe old age.

But there is one saying or rule of thumb of being happy is, forget yesterday's misery, fret not future's uncertainty; live everyday happily. So to continue being sane and normal, no point for me to live in my past's shadow, nor be terrified of my future.

But then again, there must be a dream or something we must be looking for or aiming at the current situation, that we might somehow get or achieve in the future, or when the time is right.

If I were to choose something in future that would make me to look forward to,

I'd choose you...

The reason to look forward to, the future...

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