Saturday, August 13, 2011

Girl, girl, girl~!!!

It's not easy talking to a girl. Opps. THAT girl to be precise. What THAT girl? THAT girl that makes your "thump thump" beat so fast when you see her. THAT girl that you can't get your mind off.

Yeah THAT girl.

I don't know about you guys, but for me, it's hard talking to THAT girl (of my heart. You go find yours XD ). It's not like talking to other girls. I tend to be more lax and more of a joker when I talk or interact with normal female friends. Maybe there are times where I may over-do or "mis-speak" something, it usually does not leave any heavy damage. It even doesn't matter if I get too lame or lol-ed too much.

But for THAT girl... Owh.. No way. Clicking on her name on MSN already makes my heart skip. Typing a "hi" or "hey" makes thing trickier. I mean my brain just hang or gets stuck when I see her log in... ARGH!

It's so pathetic that sometimes I need to think of something to say before we chat... Think as in think during I day dream or when I have nothing to do...

Yeah I'm so freaked out that I'm so so scared of being lame when I say something wrong... T.T

Another thing is impressing her. Sometimes when I find something exciting, unusual, most of the time I'll share it with her... The sad thing is or what upsets me is when she says she seen it before or when she doesn't find it interesting... That makes me... Emo? (*nods head).

No its just not the current girl or my ex (heck I don't even have an ex). It's just my brain... Ugh... When she appears, I just...

Yeah... Precisely...

I just....


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