Sunday, February 9, 2014

Post CNY

Historically Chinese New Year ain't really over until the 15th day. But then in reality, I think CNY was practically over for me since the 4th day when I started working.

The word New Year triggers flashback and self assessment - where was I and where am I, what I did and what will I do. Put simply, a reflection on past mistakes and achievements and to draft out the great to-be-achievements.

It's already approaching the mid of February - that means 11% of 2014 is already history.

11%. Not a lot some might say. Well that's perspective. For some people like me, I'd say that time really flies! I've failed some short term goals, enforcing on some of them, to hopefully make the ultimate goal something achievable by the end of this year.

I start of my year with some relatively simple goals. I enforced some pretty decent daily workouts, which I think not only drives me to work out and read, but also to instill some basic discipline. Noted that I gave myself some days off during sometimes like CNY, but that urge to continue the habits has always been there.

I have already drafted my 2014 resolutions. I took quite a couple of days to refurnished it. But that doesn't mean it stays the same throughout all the years. Time to add in a few more goals, refurnished the dates and add in a few more small goals.

Time to kick start the gears for the big dreams of mine, for 2014.

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