Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let It Go

Frankly speaking. I really like this song. LOL I know right... For a guy to like such a song...

This song is good both in melody and lyrics. It also has that Disney feel, which makes you think back on some of the best Disney songs.

It's a song on bravery and perseverance. It's a song on self determination and believe.

And when a girl sings that song, hits the high notes perfectly well...

It's just to easy to fall in love with their voice.

So if you guys haven't heard it yet, Disney has a 25 language version, not only just synced perfectly, but to be able to find all the singers that are quite similar with Idina's voice... Big win I say.

I particularly like the Mandarin version...

Elsa - Frozen wallpaper

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