Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Letter To Moyes

Dear Moyes,

First of all, sorry for your dismissal. Secondly, sorry as I haven't been a believer in you. Don't get me wrong. I think trust is earned. And we both know that based on United's performance, I don't think the board of directors have any left.

Yet I believe in giving chances. I believe that no matter how cruel or terrible the world we live in may be, chances should be given to proof who we are, what we can do.

Unfortunately, the world's changing faster than ever. Patience wears thin at the sign of a strings of under performing displays. Managing and fitting into Man Utd was never easy. Ask Fergie. He was fortunate to have managed United back then.You were given the same scenario. Except the people have changed.

Your tactics and strategy have always raised eyebrows. So does your transfer targets. United fans know that Kagawa is fit enough to challenge for positions on the wings or as a playmaker. But you went on to buy Mata, which could also do the same.

Fellaini never looked like what he was back at Everton. Nor does he fits well in a defensive role. Simple words - he was even worst than Veron.

Yet then again, I think people learn from their mistakes. You had your fair share of mistakes. Plenty of boos. An overwhelming of support from the anti-United fans.

As much that I loath to see you in charge of United, here I am, with a bittersweet feeling in my heart, finally ending this letter with a justice note.

No man deserves to be sack just because of one lousy season. No man. Period.


A United Fan.

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