Friday, April 11, 2014

Rage and Wrath

Funny today I've stumbled upon a weird feeling that pushes me to do something beyond the distance. Something stronger than determination and perseverance.

Rage and wrath.

Don't ask me why I got mad. It's personal. And unimportant.

But it really helped a lot in forcing myself to restart my weekly routine.

Looking back I noticed rage and wrath have always played a part in my life. Just that I wasn't really sensitive enough to notice what drives me sometimes. All these while I took it as a sign of determination. The feeling of wanting to prove someone wrong. It's a rage fueled determination.

I'm not a violent person who goes around kicking and hitting people up. But I'm still human. I do get mad. Don't take me for granted although I'm always smiling and laughing around.

But how I channel the rage, leveraging on that wrath and anger, sometimes really reap rewards and achievements.

But of course, I do have to pay the price.

Mentally I may be able to push myself to the limits. But physically I still will break like everyone else.

It's foolhardy to run 10km in one shot when my body could only take 3-5 these few days without over exerting myself.

But they say the start is the hardest. Hopefully this price is something worth paying.

By the way, why did I even have to get mad?

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